How to Protect Yourself in the New Millennium
by Tony Lesce

   What are your chances of being murdered this year? We have about 20,000 murders a year in the United States, a country with almost 300 million people, and this means that your chances of escaping homicide are very good. What are your chances of being victimized by fraud? Much greater, so much greater that it's almost impossible to measure the risk. Identity theft is only one type of high-tech fraud, although it ties in with other fraud schemes. There are many other scams operating, and the law enforcement establishment simply doesn't have a handle on them.
   21st Century Fraud: How to Protect Yourself in the New Millennium will show you the basics of fraud techniques, give you an awareness of what the dangers are, and teach you how to protect yourself against the possibility that a fraud artist might fleece you.
   Included are: · Organized crime · Telephone Scams · Credit Card Fraud · Computer and Internet Fraud · Retail Store Scams · Media Scams · Fund Raising Organizations · Miscellaneous Scams · Protecting Yourself · And Much, Much More.
   No one can guarantee you 100 percent protection. Fraud artists are very imaginative and creative, with agile minds that adapt to the changing scene. 21st Century Fraud will highlight the need for you to be especially vigilant and to develop a paranoid attitude. It is all right to think that they are out to get you, because they are!

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 160 pages

21st Century Fraud
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