by Ruth and Bill Kaysing

   Eat for 99¢ a meal? Eat well for 99¢ a meal? Even in these days when the price of seemingly everything is inflated beyond belief or despair, 99¢ can go a long way toward feeding a person who is willing to save money by providing the labor for processing food.

   Ruth and Bill Kaysing have compiled these recipes with a basic thought in mind: people don't like over-processed foods and they can save a lot of money by taking things into their own hands. Most of your food dollar goes to pay wholesalers and supermarkets for handling, packaging, advertising and to pay for the rest of the corporate apparatus. What does all of that have to do with you and the way you eat? Who needs it?

   What could be better than discovering how to cook with high-fiber whole grains, how to make meat go farther, how you can afford to have fresh squeezed orange juice on the breakfast table? What could be more rewarding than knowing where your food is coming from? These are practical recipes because they advise the cook where to find the necessary ingredients at low cost. And every bit as important -- the food that you make will taste delicious! This is a companion volume to Eat Well for 99¢ a Meal.
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 272 pages

99 Cent A Meal CookBook
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