A Man's Guide to Advertising for a Woman

How to Find the Woman of Your Dreams Using the "Personals" Section of Newspapers, Magazines, and the Internet
by Sebastian Phillips

   "If you are reading this, the thought of finding a companion through the 'Personals' section of the classified ads (in order to make your life more enjoyable, exciting, fulfilling or at the very least, tolerable) has probably crossed your mind more than once.

   "There are more good reasons for a man to place an ad for a partner than there are excuses not to do so. The classified ads are versatile, and the only things that can limit your success are your imagination, time and budget. There are many ways to use the classified ads and, therefore, you should have no trouble reaching your objective of finding exactly the type of woman you desire.

   "I have tried to provide the information needed for any man to formulate easily a game plan based on his needs and desires, then execute it without wasting time and money, by avoiding common mistakes. Life is much too short, and every man deserves to find the ideal woman to share one's life and fantasies."

   If you purchase this book, you too can find the woman of your dreams by learning:

* Which are the worst possible words to use in your ad
* Which words practically guarantee positive results
* What motivates a woman to answer an ad
* Why romances begun through the classifieds tend to last longer
* Why the odds are already heavily stacked in your favor
* Where, when and how to place your ad
* How to find out quickly if she is for real
* And much more, including real-life experiences, Internet dating and 75 cheesy pick-up lines that you will never have to use!
5 1/2" x 8 1/2" 175 pages

A Man's Guide to Advertising for a Woman
Price $14.95