LSD My Problem Child
by Albert Hofmann

Albert Hoffman, the Swiss chemist who accidentally invented LSD -- and then tested it on himself in the first human LSD trial -- presents a fascinating account of the first acid trips, including quite readable descriptions of the chemistry involved and first-person accounts from the first acid pioneers. He also did groundbreaking research into the natural hallucinogens of Mexico and he provides insightful comparisons of LSD and mushrooms. Why "My Problem Child"? Because advocating LSD was not his trip -- he strongly believes LSD can be a beneficial way for one to get to know oneself and experience other worlds, but only if the user is mentally and physically prepared for the journey. Kids in the 60s getting drunk and dropping ten hits gave the drug a bad name, to say the least. This book does include some practical information on avoiding (or surviving) bad trips, as well. Excellent source for anyone on either side of the issue of hallucinogens and their relationship to human consciousness.
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LSD My Problem Child
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