The B & E Book
Burglary Techniques and Investigation A Complete Manual
by Burt Rapp

This book was written for police officers working a burglary investigation and its follow-up. It will be a valuable book for police officers, insurance investigatiors and for businesses and individuals who want to protect their property.

The B & E Book reveals all the techniques of amateur and professional burglars: How they select their victims; How they case targets: How they break into buildings, including lockpicking techniques; How they get pas alarms and into safes; How they make their getaways: How they fence stolen goods

Burt Rapp then takes an inside look at how police respond to a burglary: How they handle suspects still at the scene fo the crime; How they collect evidence, including fingerprints, blood, tire prints, etc.; How to get information out of suspects and informants.

You'll also learn how to protect yourself from burglars. Security equipment is discussed, along with community measures for reducing crime. This illustrated guide to burglary is eye-opening reading.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 145 pages


The B & E Book
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