Reprint of a Government Report
"... the foundation, or breeder document, for almost any other kind of identification for citizens is the birth certificate. Over 7,000 State and local vital records offices issue birth certificates with no uniform standards for issuance processes, controls, or quality of documents. In some jurisdictions, birth certificates are easily counterfeited, obtained through imposture, or created from stolen legitimate blank forms."
This US Government report covers birth certificate fraud . It deals with:
* The Problems * The Issuing Agencies * The Birth Documents * The Issuing Procedures * The User Agencies * And Recommendations for controlling birth certificate fraud .
Birth Certificate Fraud is the very latest information on what the US Government knows about fake ID, and how it is trying to stop it. Must reading for anyone interested in identification and false identification.
8 1/2 x 11 36 pages

Birth Certificate Fraud
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