A Complete Manual, Revised And Expanded Second Edition
by Burt Rapp with Tony Lesce
Bodyguarding : A Complete Manual, Revised and Expanded Second Edition is an essential how-to-do-it manual that covers every aspect of protecting the life of a client that a bodyguard needs to be aware of, including:
* Protective theory * Threat assessment * Defending against kidnappers and terrorists * Protection from assassination * Guarding the client in crowds * Security and access control systems * Dealing with bombs and bomb threats * Selecting appropriate weapons * Special-purpose weapons and where to get them * Body armor and bulletproof vehicles * Legal aspects, licensing and liability of bodyguards * Expanded information on bodyguard training schools * New material on chemical weapons and their impact * And much, much more!
Bodyguarding : A Complete Manual was used by the Detroit Police Department to train members of the Mayor's personal bodyguarding unit.
S.W.A.T. magazine states that Bodyguarding : A Complete Manual offers "a very complete view of what really goes into bodyguarding ."
Police Marksman magazine says that Bodyguarding : A Complete Manual is "a timely informative work which examines both the need and the means of dignitary protection... both a good introduction for the novice or a review for the professional dignitary protection officer."
If you are interested in learning what every bodyguard needs to know, read Bodyguarding : A Complete Manual. It's the book the pros use.
8 1/2 x 11 200 pages

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