An Encyclopedia of Female Murderers
by Michael Newton

   From the author of Hunting Humans: An Encyclopedia of Modern Serial Killers comes the best book on female multiple murderers ever assembled. How "bad" are these girls? Every one of the 182 women profiled here didn't just kill -- they killed again and again! Every one of them a multiple murderess!
   If you thought Aileen Wournos was the first female serial killer, think again. It's true she popped six men in a year-long shooting spree, but she'll have to take a number behind these death-dealing debs:
* Charlene Gallego developed a taste for murder gnawing on the bodies of her sex-slave victims. She confessed to ten brutal slayings.
* Judith Neeley, at age 18, became the youngest resident of Alabama's death row. She's still there today, waiting to be executed for kidnapping, sexual violence and murder.
* Martha Beck started her career washing corpses for a funeral parlor in Florida and ended it making corpses in Michigan.
* Elizabeth Bathory used pins, needles, branding irons, whips, pokers, scissors -- even an iron maiden -- to torture young girls to death. Charged with 80 murders, she is suspected of more than 300.
   These are just a few of the Necrophilic Nurses, Baby Butchers, Black Widows, and Angels of Death chillingly catalogued in this grisly collection. Based on ten years of research, Bad Girls Do It! proves that the urge to kill is an equal opportunity affliction.
8 1/2 x 11 205 pages

Bad Girls Do It!
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