Famous Unsolved Homicides
by Marilyn Morgan

   Who among us doesn't slow down when driving by a traffic accident, not just for safety reasons, but because of an almost universally felt macabre interest in what just happened? That same kind of curiosity is what impels us to keep turning the pages of Baffling Murder Mysteries. Some involve well-known celebrities, like "Superman" George Reeves, or Bob "Hogan's Heroes" Crane, and ex-union leader Jimmy Hoffa. Who can forget the Green River Killer and his reign of terror in the Pacific Northwest? Before serial murders were even tagged as such, famed "G-Man" Eliot Ness was faced with the investigation of such a murderer that was the beginning of the end of his career.
   Bully Kenneth McElroy both repels and intrigues us as we read of an entire town he terrorized. The inhabitants finally stood their ground against him in a broad daylight killing, "unseen," in the middle of town.
   We continue to be fascinated by these unsolved murders as we look at the facts, and the questions of "Who did it" and "How did they get away with it" continue to haunt us. Read Baffling Murder Mysteries and decide for yourself if they are all really unsolved.
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 186 pages

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Baffling Murder Mysteries
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