Big Book Buds 2
by Ed Rosenthal

All marijuana is not created equal. Over the last four decades, this plant has been progressively adapted to grow in specific conditions and deliver particularly desired effects. The second volume of everyone's favorite marijuana resource book celebrates the ongoing development of cannabis culture.
The Big Book of Buds Volume 2 blends practical, useful and entertaining information for the aficionado and cultivator. Award-winning breeders from around the globe showcase their latest strains. Using photos, icons and indexes, it is easy to find specific information or compare strains at a glance. Each variety is described in depth, including it's distinctive appearance, preferred growing conditions, as well as it's taste, aroma and high.

Buds 2 also includes accounts of major marijuana festivals and conferences that take you around the world with the cannabis community. Informative essays on quality, potency and germination help marijuana enthusiasts better understand this amazing plant.

A wish list, resource guide and coffee table book, all in one!
192 pages 7" x 7"


Big Book of Buds Vol. 2 Table of Contents

Big Book of Buds Vol. 2
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