The police no longer care for your well-being. Instead of stopping violent crime, they want to spend their time tracking down your local pothead. If you:
-have ever done any drugs.
-have ever used someone else's prescription.
-have drugs in your house.
-have drugs on your person.
-are friends with anyone who does drugs.
-are ever in the presence of drugs, (yes, just being near a drug or paraphernalia can land you in jail).
-Or you just want to know your rights (or lack-of) get your self this book.

The police go through training to learn to trick you into incriminating yourself and as Fabricant shows, people have gone to jail for years for as little as .0042 grams of meth. Therefore, you need to know how to compose yourself when the cops show up. This is going to tell you what to do. Don't worry Fabricant is a lawyer. One of his main ideas is to get your self good representation.
5" x 7" 385 pages

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