The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green
The Cannabis Grow Bible is written for new enthusiasts and experienced growers alike. Within these pages Greg explains how to grow large, potent bud. This book clearly describes and shows, with more that 200 photographs, illustrations and tables the many innovative ways that cannabis can be grown. From outdoor greenhouse or forest grows to indoor grow rooms - it's all here in The Cannabis Grow Bible. Growing cannabis has never been easier.

Chapter 1: The Cannabis Plant
A Brief History of Cannabis, The High, THC, Resin, Zero Zero, The Plant, Male Plant, Female Plant, Hermaphrodite Plant, Sinsemilla Plant, Strains and Species, A Word About Male Potency, The Life Cycle of the Marijuana Plant, Germination, Seedling, Vegetative Growth, Pre-flowering, Flowering, Seed Production, Cycle Times, The Decision to Grow

Chapter 2: Seeds
Selecting Seeds, How To Get Seeds, Choosing a Seed Bank, Breeder's Packaging, Storing Seeds

Chapter 3: Propagation and Germination
What is Propagation?, Propagation Logistics, Germination Techniques, Seed Soil Propagation, Seed Towel Propagation, Propagation Kits, Scuffing Seeds, Dangers when Germinating Seeds, Transplanting Seedlings, Transplant Shock

Chapter 4: The Great Divide: Indoors or Outdoors?
Gardening Tools, Planning for Indoor Growing, Planning for Outdoor Growing and Guerrilla Farming, Security, The Most Important Advice Ever About Growing Cannabis, Indoor Security, Outdoor Security, Guerrilla Growing Security

Chapter 5: The Indoor Growing Environment
Lighting, Color Bands and Plant Growth, Basics of Photosynthesis, Common Lighting Types, Horticulture Lights, Metal Halide (MH) and Mercury Vapor (MV) Lights, High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lights, Lamp Efficiency Tables, Wattage and Lumens, Lumens and Marijuana Growing, The General Illumination Formula, What to Look for when Buying a Lighting Kit, How to Get the Most from Your Lighting System, Adjusting Your Lights, 24/0 and 16/8 - The Vegetative Photoperiod, Electrical Costs, Soil, pH, Nutrients, Composition, Common Soil Types, Clay,
Humus, Sands and Silts, Loam, Perlite and Vermiculite, Moss, Mixing Soils and Soil Ratios, Understanding the NPK ratio, Pots, Double Potting

Chapter 6: Indoor Environmental Control
Nutrient Control, Problematic Nutrients, Macronutrient Disorders: A Rough Guide, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Sulfur (S), Magnesium (Mg), Feeding, Soil Control, pH - Bringing Back to Neutral from Acidic, pH - Bringing Back to Neutral from Alkaline, pH up / pH down, Water Control, Air Control, Odor Control, Ionizing, Ozone Generating, Activated Carbon Air Filtering
Ventilation, Fans, Humidity, Temperature, Timers, CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), Calculating How Much Carbon Dioxide You Need, Climate Controllers, Soil Flushing

Chapter 7: Pre-flowering and Flowering
Cannabis Plant Anatomy Illustrations, Pre-flowering and Early Sexing, Checking for Calyx Development, Early Sexing Methods, When to Flower?, The All-important 12/12!, Problems with 12/12, Pre-flowering for the 24/0 and 18/6 Photoperiods, The Male/Female Thing or How to Sex Your Plants, Male Flowering, Flowering

Chapter 8: Advanced Indoor Soil-based Grow Methods
Preparing the 'Special Clone Mother', SOG, ScrOG
ScrOG Growing by RealHigh, Cabinet Growing, Perpetual Grow Cycles, Customizing Advanced Setups

Chapter 9: Hydroponics
The Grower and the Growing Medium, Hydroponic Systems, Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Flood & Drain/Ebb & Flow, Drip Irrigation, Aeroponics, Wick,
Gravity, Automatic and Manual Hydroponic Pots, Setting up the Hydroponic Environment, Hydroponic Nutrients, The Hydroponic Growing Medium, Rockwool, Expanded Clay Pellets, Oasis Cubes, Coconut Fiber, Soil-less Mixes, Perlite, Vermiculite, Preparing Nutrient Solutions, Hydroponic pH, Algae, Grow and Bloom, A Word about Nutrients Strengths, Controlling the Hydroponic Environment, Monitoring Recycle Systems, Hard Water Problems, When to Add More Nutrients, Affordable Hydroponics, The Bubbler

Chapter 10: Outdoor Growing
Outdoor Soil, Caring for Outdoor Plants, Weeding, Watering, Air Pruning, Outdoor Flowering and the Photoperiod

Chapter 11: Caring for Mature Marijuana Plants
Thinning, Light Bending, Pruning for Yield, Topping, FIM Technique, Super Cropping Technique, How to Make Cannabis Bushes, Training, Cloning, How to Air Layer a Clone, Bonsai Clones, Sinsemilla Hermaphrodites, Increasing Yield, Reverting to Vegetative Growth, Increasing Your Chances of Females, End of the Grow

Chapter 12: Predators, Pests and Plant Fungi
Domestic Pets, Pesticides, Herbicides and Fungicides,
Pest Index, Pest Predators, Recovering from a Pest Invasion, Fungi

Chapter 13: Problem Solver
Chemical Burns, Nutrient Deficiencies, 10 Steps to Saving Your Grow, No Cure for Bad Genetics

Chapter 14: Harvesting and Curing Your Bud
The Harvest, Quick Bud Samples, Expert Harvest Indication, Indica Harvest, Sativa Harvest, Fan Leaves, Leaves and Trim, Manicuring, Curing

Chapter 15: How to Breed Marijuana
Making Seeds, Collecting and Storing Pollen, Collecting and Storing Seeds, Simple Breeding, Continuing a Strain through Seeds, Making a Simple Hybrid, Introduction to Plant Genetics, The Hardy-Weinberg Model of Genetic Equilibrium, Genetic Equilibrium Theory and Practice, The Test Cross, Hardy-Weinberg Law, Part 2, Mendel and the Pea Experiments, The First Hybrid Cross (the F1 Generation), More on Genetic Frequencies, How to True Breed a Strain, Advanced Breeding Techniques, Simple Backcrossing, How to Generate a Clone Mother, Selfing, Notes on Selfing by Vic High, Concluding Thoughts on Breeding

Chapter 16: Strain Index
(Listings and Ratings for 50 Cannabis Strains plus extras)

Chapter 17: How to Make Hash
Gathering the Stalked Capitate Trichomes, Skuff, Screening, Advanced Screening, Drum Machines, Basic Water Extraction, Advanced Water Extraction, Supercritical Fluid Extraction (Hash Oil), Pressing Resin into Hash

Chapter 18: Important Cannabis Issues
Is Cannabis Getting Stronger?, The Truth about Hyper-Potent Cannabis, How to Avoid Taking Cancer Causing Agents, Vaporization, Build Your Own Light Bulb Vaporizer, Cannabis Legalization and Social Issues, Cannabis and Young Adults, Cannabis is a Reality, The Alcohol Vs Cannabis Debate, Cannabis and Violence, Cannabis and Brain Damage, Medical Cannabis Should Not Be A Legal Issue, So Why is Cannabis Illegal Then?, Cannabis and the Institute of Medicine (IOM), Cannabis and Harder Drugs (The Gateway Theory), Cannabis and Memory, Cannabis and Paper Production, Cannabis and Illegal Drug Classification, Cannabis and Mind Control, Cannabis Prohibition has Failed, Cannabis Prohibition and Lawsuits, Cannabis and the Author

Chapter 19: The Cannabis Grow Bible Checklist
Good Genetics, Proper Lighting, An Ounce of Prevention, Air Circulation and Ventilation, The Right Medium, Optimal Pot/Container Size, Safe Fertilizers, 12/12, Avoiding Plant Stress, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Labelling

Cannabis Websites
Hash and Processing
Hydroponics and Lighting
Medical Cannabis Information
Seed Banks


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The Cannabis Grow Bible
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