by Jack Luger

   Enter the fascinating world of code making and code breaking! We live in the information age. Information is bought, sold, and stolen, just like any other goods. Spies sell military secrets. Businesses are victims of corporate espionage. Smut-seeking tabloids pay huge sums for the intimate details of celebrities' lives.
   Businesses and private individuals are fighting back with the same weapon used by governments the world over: codes.
   Code Making and Code Breaking is a practical, illustrated guide to building and busting codes. Learn how to construct codes from the simple to the complex. Learn about computers and other devices used in code making and code breaking. Learn why the most unbreakable code isn't always the best code.
   Chapters include:
· History · Secret Writing: The Basics · Substitution Ciphers · Electro-Mechanical Ciphers · Transposition Ciphers · Codes · Code Breaking · Quasi Cryptosystems · And more!
   Code Making and Code Breaking is must reading for those who want to keep their secrets safe.
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 121 pages

Code Making and Code Breaking
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