Rebuild Your Credit in 90 Days or Less!
by John Q. Newman

   Millions of Americans cannot buy a car, rent an apartment, charge at a department store, or get a decent job because of negative or inaccurate information in the files of credit bureaus, employers, or government agencies. The ability to obtain credit has become a literal necessity in order to survive. People who can't obtain credit find it difficult, if not impossible, to do many basic things in everyday life: rent an automobile, reserve a hotel or motel room, purchase a concert ticket, and many others.
   Credit Power! explains in easily understandable detail exactly how your credit rating is determined, where the credit bureaus get their information, and how you can fight back with a proven and tested step-by-step program to rebuild your credit and get those applications approved!
   Credit Power! presents the most useful, productive, and practical credit repair and manipulation guide ever written, with information never before available to the public. Here are all the tools you need to rebuild and effectively manage your credit rating, as well as your financial image as perceived by the world of business and commerce.
   Good credit is as necessary to life today as clean air and water. Credit Power! shows you how to obtain good credit no matter what your present situation may be. It explains what can be done, using the current laws, to achieve A-1 credit. Read Credit Power! and try its methods of restoring and rebuilding credit now! It could be one of the smartest financial moves of your life.
8 1/2 x 11 198 pages

Credit Power!
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