by G.B. Clark:
This book is for all people who have any debt problems. Sometimes, the only solution left is to ditch your debts, much like tossing excess cargo overboard. About half of this book provides information on how to avoid credit problems. The other half deals with possible solutions to existing credit problems. In Ditching Your Debts , you will learn about: *Avoiding credit problems *Options if you have credit problems *Negotiating problems with your creditors *Ditching your debts , legally *Walking away from it all.
The credit system regularly entices or encourages people to charge beyond sensible family budget guidelines. Credit card companies constantly barrage cardholders with special offers to purchase various items. There is a constant effort to encourage people to spend money they do not have. Television, radio and print media tell us to buy now, pay later. Buying now and paying later can become like a sickness that is spreading everywhere, like a contagious disease. Sadly, many people get sucked in by this constant encouragement to spend.
It is possible for your debt to grow, almost unseen. Some people spend here, spend there, and they do not pay too much attention to it. The debt is there, but not readily recognizable until they no longer have the wage earning capacity to pay their debts . The inability to cope with debt is a leading factor in suicide.
1995, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 150 pp, illustrated, indexed, soft cover.

Ditching Your Debts
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