by Bill and Ruth Kaysing
Want more energy, more robust, vigorous health? Then you must eat food that can impart these well -being characteristics and this book will be your faithful guide. As an important bonus, you will learn how to save lots of money and learn how to enjoy three homemade meals for a cost of less than one dollar per meal!
Chapters included in Part I are:
* How to shop on 99¢ a meal * What to buy to stock your pantry * Where to shop and how to do it * How to develop your bargaining skills * Where to pick fresh foods for free * Your kitchen is your workshop * Food you can grow yourself * How to preserve your perishables * What you should know about sugar.
In Part II:
* How to Cook on 99¢ a meal * The golden rule: Eat less, waste nothing * Sample 99¢ menus * The noble spud to your budget's rescue * Soybeans: The money-saving meat substitute * A checklist of health and money-saving hints * Recommended reading, and much, much more.
Eat Well For 99¢ A Meal tells us how we can all live better, more healthful lives at a fraction of the cost we now spend on food. Want more energy? Want more robust, vigorous health? Get your copy today and Eat Well For 99¢ A Meal!
1996, 51¦2 x 81¦2, 204 pp, illustrated, indexed, soft cover.

Eat Well For .99 Cents A Meal
Price $14.95