How Modern Frauds Work and How to Protect Yourself
by Victor Santoro

   Whether it's telemarketers jerking your chain, doctors doing surgery on your bank account, or lawyers performing a little modus up-your-end-i, people are getting screwed more than ever before. You need protection. And that's where Victor Santoro comes in. Economic Sodomy is a catalog of modern frauds and cons that will leave you sore! Read about one U.S. city that got reamed so bad they declared it "Sucker's Day," and celebrate it every year! Here are some other scams sure to rub you the wrong way:

· How bankers and stockbrokers use your assets as collateral for their personal loans · Why you should never use doctors that have their own labs · Two easy medical frauds that are impossible to detect · A dry-cleaning scam that netted a con man a quick five grand · How to get a free rental car · New high-tech cons involving cellular phones, cash machines and credit cards · And much more, including "cappers," "the rock box scam," "cop freaks," and "the dog con!"
   The sad part about most of these scams is that they're perfectly legal: they follow the letter of the law, while violating your sacred trust. But Victor Santoro provides you with intelligent advice on how to protect yourself. Learn to give your doctor an exam, give your lawyer the third degree, analyze your shrink. And if all else fails, Santoro shows you how to turn the tables and con the con men for revenge. Economic Sodomy is a probing exposé of modern cons with all the facts you need to shield yourself. Don't get caught without it!

5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 192 pages

Economic Sodomy
Price $13.95