by Bolton Hall
"One of the most curious of delusions is the belief that widespread and deep-rooted evils can be cured by trifling remedies. Thus, for the ills arising from political corruption and misgovernment by organizations formed for the purpose of securing political offices, we find it gravely suggested as a remedy that we should 'elect good men to office.' Apart from the absurdity of dividing men into the good and the bad, this plan for abolishing effects without touching causes is ridiculous. Political corruption is not, as some moralists seem to believe, the result of men's sinful nature, nor is it due to unscrupulous 'machines.' It has its origin in the conditions which keep large numbers of people in involuntary idleness; which every year force ten thousand business men into bankruptcy, which make a struggle for a bare subsistence the lot of the great majority of the voters of the country; and which create large classes ready to ally themselves for gain with adventurers who trade as professional politicians. Having its roots thus deep in the rotten soil of ignorance and violation of economic laws, it is easy to see that the efforts of 'Good Government Clubs,' 'Municipal Reform Leagues,' and similar organizations of well-meaning citizens must fail to accomplish the ends for which they are working. So long as law-created conditions prevent the masses from acquiring intelligence or using their intelligence for useful purposes, so long will it be impossible to have clean politics."
5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 199 pp, illustrated, soft cover.

Free America
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