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Real Alternatives for Reaching Outer Space
by B. Alexander Howerton
The next round in the space race won't be run by NASA. This time, it will be private companies building space stations and shooting payloads to the planets. Science fiction, you say? Take another look.
Free Space! opens with an explosive critique of NASA ­p; the government behemoth that put a man on the Moon and has been grounded ever since. Listen in as the author grills the head of NASA at a press conference. Howerton then poignantly pens a new Manifest Destiny for colonizing outer space .
The second half of Free Space! contains capsule descriptions of ten companies that are preparing for space travel today. Run by NASA/aerospace alumni, they have the know-how and the money to make it real. Find out how they'll open the heavens to commercial travel in the coming decade.
B. Alexander Howerton is the editor of Space Available, the newsletter for investors in space -related stocks. He interviewed all of the principal players in these companies. Free Space! contains private communications, rare illustrations and photos not available anywhere else. Get the inside story on outer space . Get Free Space! - and read tomorrow's headlines today!
1995, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 152 pages, illustrated, soft cover.

Free Space!
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