Second Edition
by James Wilson

   Do you want to write? Why? Is it because you think it's an exciting career? Do you think it's glamorous, intellectual, emotionally rewarding, or perhaps, it pays well?
   Written by an author who has made his living writing 70 books and more than 1,000 magazine articles for over twenty years, this book gives you the down-and-dirty facts about writing for money. Freelance Writer's Handbook shows you:
* The benefits of writing as a career
* Myths about writing
* Getting started
* Seeking a market
* Editors
* How writers get paid
* Tricks of the trade
* Handling rejections
* Understanding contracts
* Some important "Don'ts"
* And much, much more.
   Much has happened since the first edition of this classic, and technological advancements have led to this second edition. New developments include faster computers, digital photography, e-mail, electronic submissions, and e-publishing, to name a few. Let a real professional show you the ropes. So before you quit your day job, check out Freelance Writer's Handbook.
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 222 pages

Freelance Writer's Handbook
Price $15.95