How To Drive Your Enemies Crazy
by Victor Santoro
You know what's wrong with the world? Too many assholes and not enough ways to get even! If your boss is bearing down or your next door neighbor's annoying, whatcha gonna do? If you retaliate, it could cost you your job or land you in jail.
Now there's a safe, effective way for you to get even without putting yourself in any danger. It's called "gaslighting ," and it's guaranteed to turn your target's life upside down.
"Gaslighting " means to drive someone crazy. It comes from the 1944 film Gaslight, in which a husband convinces his wife she's losing her mind. Gaslighting is the most potent form of psychological warfare you can use without a license.
In Gaslighting : How To Drive Your Enemies Crazy, Victor Santoro (The "Godfather of Harassment") shows you how to destroy your target's confidence, self-esteem and reputation. Through a series of small incidents, your target gets progressively more confused, until he's "reduced to a shapeless mass of shivering, quivering jelly." Some of the tactics covered include:
*Collecting information on your target
*Preparing for a gaslighting attack
*Creating tension, anxiety and sleeplessness
*Messing with your target's car, telephone and mail
*Gaslighting at your target's workplace and home
*Turning neighbors and co-workers against the target
*Covering your tracks *And much more.
Gaslighting will show you how to cause disorientation, get your target off balance, and build up his paranoia. Finally, you completely annihilate his reputation, leading to personal disasters such as job loss, divorce, financial devastation ­p; even jail.
If you've been mistreated, you don't have to take it and you don't have to fight back. There is a third route ­p; Gaslighting ­p; WHERE YOU WATCH AS YOUR ENEMY SLOWLY SCREWS HIMSELF!
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