By Adam Cash

Adam Cash, author of the best sellers Guerrilla Capitalism and How To Do Business "Off The Books" returns with his third how-to book on the Underground Economy -- Getting Started In The Underground Economy. In this easy-to-read volume he tells you how to ease your way into the tax-free Underground Economy. Topics covered include: *The myth of a steady job -- why working for someone else will never bring you the financial security you desire
*How to decide what you want from the Underground Economy -- and how to keep your participation at the level best for you *The Four Levels of the Underground Economy *Traps to watch out for *How to make the most of your regular job -- using information and contacts you already have to get into the Underground Economy *Getting the most from your money now -- why a penny saved is better than a penny earned *The best kinds of businesses for getting paid in cash *And much more, including an extensive Recommended Reading List.
Every year, billions of dollars go unreported and untaxed in the Underground Economy. Contrary to government propaganda, it's not all drug dealers and criminals, but ordinary Americans like yourself who have chosen to not report all or part of their income ­p; to evade the excessive taxes the government keeps levying. This exciting book tells you how to join them! Sold for informational purposes only.
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 160 pages

Getting Started In The Underground Economy
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