Reading the Genitals
by Dr. Seymore Klitz and Dr. Ima Peeper

   MEN: Do you have the cock that all women love?

   WOMEN: Will your pussy please the men in your life?

   Join the elite corps of Genitologists who can answer these questions and more. Find out how you "fit" with the opposite sex. Discover your genital type and the types you are most compatible with. With full illustrations and complete analysis, there is nothing left to the imagination.

   In recent years a tremendous resurgence of interest has arisen in the genitals. With this arousal has come a reformation of ancient principles into the modern science of Genitology. It is based on ageless wisdom, nevertheless it has taken the thrust of modern research to truly bring together these ancient principles in a form that can be embraced by modern man.

   Do not be fooled. This is the cream of research. What we have in Genitologyis a compact manual of intensely useful material that will, in a few short hours, start you on the road to successfully reading anyone's genitals. Be prepared to amaze your friends and confound your enemies with the information in this book.

   In this amazing volume are revealed: · The History of Genitology · How to do a correct reading for males · How to do a correct reading for females · How to interpret the readings. All known varieties of both male and female genitalia are covered... er, uncovered. Find out things you never thought you'd know about Genitology! We recommend this book very highly for anyone considering getting into the area of the genitals.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 126 pages

Genitology / Damaged
Price $4.95