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A Practical Handbook
by Burt Rapp
Homicide has been increasing during the last several decades. The practical and effective investigation of this increasing, and most drastic, of crimes is the subject of this fine book by veteran police writer Burt Rapp.
This book is for police officers and civilians alike. It is an investigatory guide and practical manual for the police officer in charge of a homicide investigation and its follow-up. For the civilian, including the police department's civilian superiors, it provides a comprehensive working knowledge of how police investigators conduct homicide investigations, and provides a basis for appraising the chances of apprehending the perpetrator and lays out steps to enhance the odds of doing so. Topics covered include: * Homicide * Vigilante killings * The seven goals of a homicide investigation * Estimating the time of death * The first thing an officer should do when arriving at a homicide scene * The investigative log * When a search warrant is necessary for a homicide scene * How to handle a homicide suspect * Controversial homicide investigation tactics * How to relate to the press * The "Wild Card'' motive * what an investigation must watch out for * The right way to sketch a murder scene * What really happens at an autopsy * How the press can help a murder investigation * And much, much more.
1989, 51¦2 x 81¦2, 180 pp, illustrated, soft cover.

Homicide Investigation
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