by Harold S. Long
If you are owed money for a drug or gambling debt, and the deadbeat won't cough it up, who ya gonna call? In his latest book, veteran criminal Harold S. Long discusses everything you need to know to set up a business collecting illegal debts.
Contents include:
*THE SYSTEM: Introductory impressions, clients and subject relationships, and methodology in collecting.
*TYPING A SUBJECT: The personalities of subjects and types of debts , how they are incurred, etc.
*VULNERABILITIES OF A SUBJECT: How to determine a subject's weaknesses to apply as leverage to secure payment of debts .
*FEAR AS A WEAPON: The integrity of fear as a tool in manipulating subjects.
*LEVEL TWO CONDITIONING: The second stage of force and manipulation of subjects not cooperating with collection efforts.
*LEVEL THREE CONDITIONING: The third and final stage of conditioning force in the collection process.
*And more.
1990, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 74 pp, soft cover.

How To Collect Illegal Debts
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