A Handbook for Investigators Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition
by Ronald Eriksen
How to Find Missing Persons has been used for over a decade by bounty hunters, private investigators, skip tracers, process servers, auto repossessors, genealogists, adopted children searching for birth parents, and many others.
Ronald Eriksen is a no-bull investigator who's learned his tricks on the mean streets of the American metropolis. This all purpose guide is highlighted with real case histories of missing persons investigations, including one where the author squeezes information out of a Swiss banker!
Topics covered include:
* How to Schmooze Information Out of People * Public Databases, including Online Information Sources * Getting Unpublished Phone Numbers * Telephone Records * Getting Around Caller ID * Finding Someone's Address * Cable TV Companies * Utility Companies * Friends & Relatives * Neighbors * Property Records * Unemployment Insurance Records * Social Security Records * Credit Reports * Bank Records * Credit Card Records * Medical Records * Drivers License Records * Courthouse Records * Arrest Records * The Post Office * Welfare Rolls * Military Personnel * Using the Salvation Army * School Records * Records from Mexico * Planes, Trains & Automobiles * Adoption Records * And much, much more.
5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 150 pages

How To Find Missing Persons
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