A Manual for Financial Investigators

The purpose of this guide is to familiarize state and local investigators with some of the basic investigative techniques used to trace financial transactions of white collar crime violators and how to utilize these techniques in detecting hidden ownership of business interests and other property.
I would serve no useful purpose to merely extract from existing texts and publications a variety of sources of information applicable to the tracing of financial transactions, To do so would offer the criminal investigator no more than a succinct summary of basic information that he is already somewhat familiar with, and would not meet his critical training needs: i.e., the actual "how to" techniques that must be applied to detect hidden ownership of business interests and other assets, the movement of currency, and the acquisition of unexplainable wealth.
Therefore, in the guide, the emphasis is placed on explaining the investigative steps to be taken by criminal investigators in; (1) tracing financial transactions through banks; (2) analyzing the movement of currency; (3) analyzing brokerage accounts; and (4) extracting information from public records to aid in the detection of hidden ownership of businesses and real property.
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How to Determine Undisclosed Financial Interests $15.00

How to Determine Undisclosed Financial Interests
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