by James MacLaren

   Hitchhiking is an American institution... yet very few people know how to do it correctly and efficiently. In The Hitchhiker's Handbook, long-time hitchhiker James MacLaren provides the neophyte vagabond thumber with a complete, indispensable guide to the ways and means of traveling for free on the open road!
   The Hitchhiker's Handbook, written in the streetwise vernacular and style of America's free-wheeling road explorers, provides well-crafted, informative instructions on:
* How to dress for hitchhiking success
* What to take with you
* Where to position yourself alongside the road
* Body language and general comportment
* Expedient sign-making
* How to avoid trouble with the police
* Emergency sleeping resources
* How to generate repeat rides
* Dealing with unforeseen occurrences
* Sex on the road
* Advanced hitchhiking tips
* And much more.
   Whether you're making an emergency commute to work after your car breaks down or planning an extended unbudgeted investigation of the world's highways and byways, no one who intends to hang their thumb in the breeze and troll for a free ride should be without The Hitchhiker's Handbook.
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 145 pages
Price: $ 12.95

Hitchhiker's Handbook
Price $12.95