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A must see for the serious grower who needs to maximize production. This video takes a close look at how hydroponic grow systems work, and why they work so well. Footage and diagrams show how to set up a variety of system types, big and small.
Part I Intro to Hydroponics
Part II Getting the Most from Your Garden
Part III Three Different Growers
DVD 60 mins.
High Yield Hydroponic Systems DVD
Price $29.95


This comprehensive indoor primer covers all the details of indoor growing and explains plant physiology. Design a safe and productive operation without spending a lot of money. Includes: how plants grow, indica & sativa, strains, seeds, growth stages, sex, cloning, photoperiod, building a growroom, mediums, lighting, ventilation, odor control, mites, watering, fertilizer, disease, harvest, drying, and more!
DVD 60 mins.

Introduction to Indoor Growing DVD
Price $29.95

From the High Grow Video Series comes Outdoor Grower, an intensive learning
tool for anyone interested in small or large-scale outdoor marijuana
From A to Z, this video covers the entire process in great detail.
Choose a location and techniques that are right for you. Build
high-yielding gardens. Learn the secrets behind guerilla growing and more.
Complete with music, animations and diagrams.
DVD 60 mins.

Outdoor Grower DVD
Price $29.95


 The Hash Man demonstrates many ways of making hashish and other forms of concentrated marijuana resin-oils. Explained in full detail is hand rubbing, dry-sieving, water extraction, pot butter, pot vegetable oil, eating versus smoking, honey and hash-oil, and using different types of
solvents. DVD 60 mins.

The Hash Man DVD
Price $29.95

 Mushroom Growing Made Easy includes cultivation at home, the mushroom lifecycle, cubensis cultivation, sterile techniques, inoculation methods, rice-flour & vermiculite, substrates, incubation, terrariums, humidification methods, casings, agar media, isolating strains, bulk growing and more!
DVD 60 mins.

Mushroom Growing Made Easy DVD
Price $29.95


All About Hydroponics brings a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise together into one easy to understand visual program. Carefully crafted sections cover every aspect of hydroponics in full detail, delivering an intensive learning experience.
Introduction 3:56, Types Of Systems 11:17, Nutrient Solution 10:56
The Grow Room 15:33, Plant Care 5:30, Four Awesom Systems 12:47
DVD 67 mins.

All About Hydroponics DVD
Price $29.95