How to Buy a Good Home Cheap
by Robert L. Williams

   You can own that dream home that you've always yearned for -- and at such an affordable price that you'll be amazed! How? By following this book's tried-and-true method of purchasing a perfectly livable house that is destined for demolition, and carefully moving it to a suitable parcel of land -- all for a fraction of the amount such a home would normally cost!
   Author Robert L. Williams has purchased, moved, and revamped houses himself on several occasions, and has learned the hard way how to cut costs and still ensure high-quality results. Now his wealth of knowledge can be yours!
   Read Houses to Go: How to Buy a Good Home Cheap today, and learn how to follow the process from selecting the proper house, through choosing a mover, to revamping the resettled house. Lots of photographs, and many solid tips on how to go about owning a comfortable home inexpensively.
8 1/2 x 11 152 pages

Houses To Go
Price $18.95