by Jordan Cooper

   You can make cash money selling at swap meets, flea markets, etc. -- once in a while as a part-time income, or as a full-time business. Several years ago, Jordan Cooper found himself laid off and without an income. He and his wife held a yard sale, and then took the leftover items to a local swap meet. In one day, they took in several hundred dollars. He hasn't worked at a regular job since. Sometimes, his profit for a single weekend is more than an entire month's salary at his former job! In this exciting book, he offers you a professional insider's view of the swap meet scene, from selecting your merchandise to how to deal with the IRS. His tips and how-to's were learned in the School of Hard Knocks -- and can save you some hard knocks of your own. Some of the topics covered include:
* How to select your merchandise -- finding the right items for the right locale
* How to set up your booth to both attract more customers and reduce your own workload
* What to do during slow periods -- surefire methods to get customers to come to your tables
* Equipment and supplies -- 12 things you should always take with you
* How to figure out how much to charge for your merchandise
* How to advertise at the swap meet -- the best ways to draw customers to your exhibit
* A complete glossary of terms used at swap meets
* And much, much more.
   You can get started making cash money selling at swap meets now! Jordan Cooper is an experienced professional and How to Make Cash Money Selling at Swap Meets, Flea Markets, Etc. is the single finest book of its type ever published. Highly recommended.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 180 pages

How To Make Cash Money Selling At Swap Meets, Flea Markets, Etc.
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