by Michael D. Meredith
An absolute

Table of Contents :

1. All beginnings are hard
2. Important cultivation factors: Light, Soil, Air
3. Varieties of seeds
4. From a seed to.
5. Sexes: Male, female, hermaphrodite
6. A failure: but why?
7. Second attempt: Oasis in bloom
8. Harvesting the seeders
9. Cuttings
10. The harvest of the vegetatively propagated plants
11. Process when they are still fresh
12. A mother plant flowering
13. Deficiency and shriveling of the leaves
14. Finger leaves
15. Pesticides or biological herbicides
16. Seeds and how I cultivate them for my personal use
17. Hash
18. Hash oil and how I produce it
19. Smoking: The tulip and the joints with hash oil
20. Food: Brownies
21. Drinks: Beer!
22. Every house has space somewhere!
23. Open air production
24. Epilog
25. Literature

192 pages;

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