Indoor Marijuana Horticulture

by Jorge Cervantes,
The new edition is completely rewritten, beginning to end. The classic
"Indoor Bible" puts all the latest information on indoor cultivation at
your fingertips. Learn how growers maximize yields, harvesting more than
a pound of connoisseur quality bud per 1000w bulb every two months.
Includes precise color drawings and photos of numerous plant problems, a
troubleshooting chart, four case studies, weekly checklist, calendar,
glossary and index.
The book is packed with extensive information on hydroponics, including
the Sea Of Green, lighting, soils & soilless mixes, CO2, insect, spider
mite, fungus & disease control, fertilizers, nutrient disorders, seeds &
seedlings, seed companies, plant care, mother plants, pruning & bending,
determining sex, odor control, drying, harvest, medicinal use, safety and security.


This is an out-of-print 4th edition.

Indoor Marijuana Horticulture
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