Marijuana Buds For Less

by SeeMoreBuds

Wanna See More Buds?
Most people decide to grow their own pot primarily to save themselves some money and to provide a steady supply of buds for themselves and their friends. The new book Marijuana Buds for Less by SeeMoreBuds seeks to explain how this can be accomplished in the simplest terms for the hobbyist and closet grower. The idea is to grow at least 8 ounces of pot for under $100. Intrigued? Then check out this easy-to-understand guide that takes you through a day-to-day journal of plant growth from beginning to end, complete with quotes and tips to get you started and keep you going strong. Beginners, interested in starting up a grow but intimidated by the task, should pick up a copy and get growing.

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Marijuana Buds For Less
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