Or Don't Put A Rubber On Your Willy
by Robert Anton Wilson

WARNING: The Attorney General has determined that this book may be hazardous to your dogma.

   More on "Natural Rights"! Robert Anton Wilson -- novelist, poet, playwright, lecturer, stand-up comic, Futurist and psychologist -- lets fly at Murray Rothbard, George Smith, Samuel Edward Konkin III, and other purveyors of the "claim that some sort of metaphysical entity called a 'right' resides in a human being like a 'ghost' residing in a haunted house."

   "...Science, incidentally, not only ignores the question of indwelling 'essences' by looking instead at measurable relationships, but science also does not agree that knowledge is obtained through Rothbard's medieval 'investigation by a reason,' i.e., by inventing definitions and then deducing what your definitions implicitly assumed."

   Funny, scientific, well thought-out, entertaining and informative, Robert Anton Wilson's Natural Law is a book that should be read by anyone who has ever been attracted to any ideology. Highly recommended as the best writing yet on the subject.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 72 pages

Natural Law
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