Nowhere Man

'This is the portrait of a life coming slowly apart ...It is, literally the twilight of an idol.' - Allan Jones, Uncut Magazine, UK, on Nowhere Man

In 1981, five months after John Lennon's murder, New York journalist Robert Rosen was temporarily given the ex-Beatle's diaries. Nowhere Man is a loving but hard look at Lennon's final days. On Saturday, July 22, "Punks of Publishing" Soft Skull Press call New York bands to come together to pay tribute to the complicated political and spiritual leader of the greatest band of all time. This ain't no acoustic pile of flowers in Strawberry Fields: the city's finest unsigned bands are going to get back to original energy of some of John Lennon's greatest songs!

Rosen's book is a study of the last five years of the life of John Lennon, lived in isolation in New York's legendary Dakota. Lennon indulged in pseudo-religious belief one day, and the next declared himself a "working-class hero;" he was haunted by his fame with the Beatles, his jagged past and unfinished business with Paul McCartney, a tumultuous marriage to Yoko Ono, and the burden of being looked up to by so many, when inside he felt confusion and uncertainty.

Get back to me on this, OK? It's going to be a blast. There will be a lively crowd, and plenty of rock'n'roll and juice to go around.

Rock on,

Sander Hicks
Soft Skull Press, Inc.

Soft Skull Press was recently profiled in the New York Times, and was called one of the "Punks of Publishing" by the Village Voice. We are New York's leading cutting-edge, downtown house, and received wild amounts of exposure on 60 Minutes for our decision to re-publish Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President. Nowhere Man is comparable to that book because it strips away the myth, and gives you the truth.-Sander Hicks, Publisher, Soft Skull Press, Inc.
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Nowhere Man
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