by Victor Santoro
Let's face it ­p; politics sucks. No matter who you vote for, the government gets elected. Now Victor Santoro, "The Godfather of Harassment," has devised dozens and dozens of ways that you can strike back against the political establishment ­p; by "trashing " elections!
Political Trashing outlines the themes and techniques of political trashing. With a little forethought, planning, and discretion, it is possible to destroy any political campaign without getting charged with any felonies ­p; Santoro not only tells you what to do, but more importantly, how to get away with it! With correct planning, you can trash any politician's election campaign with minimal effort and resources (Santoro even tells how to get the politician himself to pay for his own "trashing ").
Contents include: *Why politicians deserve to be trashed
*How to assess the candidate's vulnerability so you know exactly where and how to strike *Conventional dirty tricks which can be applied to elections
*How to organize the trashing effort *How to get the information you need *Techniques for discrediting the candidate *How to completely disrupt a politician's campaign headquarters *How to use sex to discredit a candidate *And much, much more.
With the material in this book, you should be able to plan and carry out a program to disrupt a politician's campaign. If you're alone, so be it. Good luck, and make the most of your opportunities. One person can do a lot. If you have an organization to back you up, it's almost a certain victory. If you have a large budget, you should be able to hang any politician out to dry.
1987, 5 1/2, x 8 1/2, 168 pp, illustrated, soft cover.

Political Trashing
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