by Tony Lesce

   Terrorist actions are unpredictable. In spite of your best precautions, you may find yourself in a terrorist-initiated situation.
   How can you prepare your home with a safe room for a possible biological or gas attack? Where can you buy gas masks to protect your family? And what should you know about gas masks so that you know what they will and won't do? Do you have a get-away kit for yourself and members of your family if it becomes necessary for rapid flight in an evacuation? If you get caught in a hostage situation, what should you know about SWAT team rescues that might increase your chance of survival? What are the preparations you can make that might save your life?
   There are some surprisingly simple steps you can take, and others that require some preparation but are still available to citizens to make yourselves and your families more secure.
   Chapters include: · Terrorism: The New Era · Terrorist Weapons · How Terrorists Operate · Can Government Protect You? · Private Security · Active Protection · And much, much more.
   Tony Lesce answers those questions and gives you even more information to Protect Yourself Against Terrorism. Don't delay. Get this book today.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 184 pages

Protect Yourself Against Terrorism
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