Identity Building in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Second Edition
by Trent Sands

   The walls between nations are crumbling, opening rare opportunities for those who need a new identity. The revised Second Edition of Trent Sands' Reborn Overseas shows how to build a foolproof identity in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

   The formation of the European Common Market has created a paper-tripping paradise. With an identity in any one nation, you can live, work and travel in all twelve. Reborn Overseas shows how to penetrate that system without leaving the United States.

   Australia and New Zealand also have much to offer the identity seeker. Australia's new Tax File Number actually makes it easier to build a new life down under -- if you get started now. And the connections between Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom multiply the opportunities for work and travel.

   Reborn Overseas shows how to get all the documents needed for a complete paper identity. It also shows how to fake education, employment and credit references so you can blend right into your new home. Chapters include: · Flowchart for a British Identity · Laying the Groundwork · Completing the Basic Identity · Employment, Education and Credit · The British European · The Australian Opportunity · Flowchart for an Australian Identity · Australian Birth Certificates · Supporting ID in Australia · The Australian Driver's License · The Tax File Number · The Australian Passport · Employment, Banking and Credit · Identification in New Zealand · And more.

   Join the new breed of global identity changers -- get Reborn Overseas! This title is sold for informational purposes only.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 108 pages

Reborn Overseas
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