by Clarence S. Darrow
Clarence Darrow is best known today for defending the right to teach evolution in "the Scopes trial." Not so well-known is his lifetime of service on behalf of labor dissidents and other victims of government persecution. In Resist Not Evil , Darrow presents a convincing case for abolishing the criminal justice system.
*Darrow on The State: "...the state does nothing except to assist the strong to despoil the weak."
*Darrow on Crime: "To violate the law is often the highest, most sacred duty that can devolve upon the citizen..."
*Darrow on Punishment: "If punishment has no effect to diminish or prevent crime, then no danger would be incurred to dismiss our jailers and jurors and close our prison doors."
This reprint of Darrow's controversial book could not be more timely. Everywhere, one hears the call for more prisons, more severe punishment. Darrow argues for a radical new approach; his ideas have lost none of their fire or relevance. This new reprinting of this hard-to-find classic includes a brand new Introduction by Carol Moore.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 188 pages

Resist Not Evil
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