by Harold Hough
Once the exclusive tool of governments, satellite technology is now available to anyone who knows how to use it. Using actual satellite photos, helpful diagrams and simple language, Satellite Surveillance explores the many commercial uses for satellite imagery, including: * Land and water navigation * Pest control Zoning and land use planning * Fighting forest fires * Mapping *Investing in commodities * Tax assessment * Pollution control *Environmental monitoring * Habitat creation and protection * Oil and gold exploration * Organizing disaster relief * Building roads, bridges and dams * Earthquake preparation * Crop damage assessments * And much more. Satellite Surveillance gives you access to this powerful technology. You will learn where to buy satellite images. You will learn how to enhance and interpret them to bring out the exact information you need. And you will also learn how to hide from "the eye in the sky."
Satellite Surveillance is an essential reference for civil engineers, farmers, city planners, insurance companies, environmentalists, geologists, freight carriers, investigative reporters -- and anyone concerned with the uses and abuses of satellite technology. Satellite Surveillance was named one of the Outstanding Academic Books of the Year by Choice magazine, a publication of the American Library Association.
1991, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 192 pp, illustrated, color photos, soft cover.

Satellite Surveillance
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