The Complete Guide to Selling Your Organs, Body Fluids, Bodily Functions and Being a Human Guinea Pig
by Jim Hogshire
When an organ donor dies, more than a million dollars worth of medical procedures are set in motion. Doctors collect huge fees, hospitals rake in the dough, and lucky organ recipients get a new lease on life. Everybody profits from organ donation except the donor. But that's about to change.
In Sell Yourself To Science, Jim Hogshire blows the lid off the body parts business. The author reveals exactly what your body is worth and how to sell it, in whole or in part. A kidney fetches up to $50,000 ­p; and it's legal to sell one in many countries. A drug developed from one man's spleen earned him millions. Your body might hold the billion dollar cure to cancer. Are you going to give it away?
Sell Yourself To Science is the first book that shows how to really tap your human potential. You can legally sell your blood, milk, sperm, hair and other renewable resources ­p; this book tells how. You can also make a living as a human guinea pig, renting your body to drug companies. It pays up to $100 a day, and this book lists over 150 test sites throughout the U.S.A.
Body parts and products can be sold while you're alive: bone marrow, blood, sperm, hair, etc. Others, like your heart and brain, are best not sold until not needed.
1992, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 166 pp, illustrated, soft cover.

Sell Yourself to Science
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