A Complete Guidebook
by Burt Rapp
Want to tail somebody without them knowing, or conduct a stakeout? Here is a no-nonsense guide to shadowing and surveillance techniques, with the emphasis on do-it-yourself methods!
Topics covered in detail include: *Fact vs. fiction in surveillance - it ain't like the movies *What a private citizen can do -- including several advantages you have over the police *Tailing on foot: Loose tails, close tails, and rough tails -- and when each should be used *Automobile tailing -- alone and with partners *Decoys, disguise, and deception *How to conduct a physical search without your subject finding out *Photographic surveillance -- cameras and equipment forboth day and night *Stake outs: observation posts and fixed surveillance *Electronic surveillance -- bugging and telephone tapping *A chapter on how to lose a tail if you are being followed -- how to tell if you are being followed, and several surefire methods to shake any tail, either on foot or in an automobile *And much, much more.
Professional surveillance operatives, police officers, and the private citizen alike can all learn from this excellent manual. If you want to keep tabs on an unfaithful spouse, a dishonest employee, or a business competitor, the information you need to know to do it right is in Shadowing And Surveillance: A Complete Guidebook.
1986, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 138 pp, illustrated, soft cover.

Shadowing And Surveillance
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