by Jack Luger
Being street smart can mean the difference between being safe or becoming a victim in today's dangerous society. There are criminal elements and pitfalls in everyday life that pose real risks for the average citizen. In Street Smarts For The New Millennium, author Jack Luger sets forth the methods and resources that can minimize these threats to our physical safety and life-style, and enable us to survive these dangerous times.
Street Smarts For the New Millennium explains how to:
*Develop a Street Smart Attitude and Heightened Awareness *Depend on Personal Resources Instead of the Police
*Avoid Dangerous Situations
*Protect Yourself, Your Family, Your Assets and Your Health
*Enhance Your Personal Safety
*Earn Untraceable Income
*Improve Your Job Security
*And much, much more!
So don't fall prey to muggings, carjackings, rapes, and other street crimes! Don't be bamboozled by tricksters and con artists! Learn to be self-reliant! Read this book and develop your Street Smarts For The New Millennium!
1996, 51¦2 x 81¦2, 138 pp, soft cover.

Street Smarts For The New Millennium
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