A Practical Manual
by Burt Rapp

   Sex crimes! All sorts of sex crimes are in the news today -- more than ever before. For some time, a book to help police officers (and others involved) investigate such crimes was badly needed. Burt Rapp produced such a volume. The emphasis in Sex Crimes Investigation is on practical matters, not philosophy, law, or politics.

   Topics covered include: · Sex as a motive for murder · Pornography -- rhetoric and reality -- different kinds of pornography and where they are sold · The "Snuff" Film -- a popular myth debunked · Rape -- first, second and third-degree rapes -- spouse rape · Prostitution -- other crimes relating to prostitution · Use of the mails -- sex clubs and sex-related scams · Computer sex networks -- sexual "bulletin boards" · Miscellaneous sex-related offenses -- animal contacts -- fornication -- obscene language -- telephone callers · And much more, including an important chapter on rape prevention, how to develop and exploit information sources, and a complete glossary of terms useful in sex crimes investigation.

   Sex Crimes Investigation is a book no modern police officer can afford to be without. This fine professional manual will also be of interest to anyone interested in sex crimes and their investigation -- highly recommended.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 198 pages

Sex Crimes Investigation
Price $7.95