by Paul Krassner
   "Father of the Underground Press" -- People

   "The Dean of Countercultural Journalism" -- High Times

   "The FBI was right; this man is dangerous -- and funny, and necessary." -- George Carlin

   The "Zen Bastard" rides again! In this collection of satirical pieces, Paul Krassner, America's sharpest and funniest social commentator lets fly at everything from sex and drugs to the Twinkie murders. More than 40 pieces are included, all of them demonstrating why Paul Krassner ought to be declared a National Resource.

* The Persecution of Lenny Bruce
* John Lennon and the FBI
* Wavy Gravy's Rainbow Bridge
* The Zen Bastard Goes to Ecuador
* Abbie Hoffman's Forehead
* Further Weirdness with Terence McKenna
* The Missing Episode of Seinfeld
* The Memoirs of Monica Lewinsky
* President Clinton's Private Confession
* Psychedelic Relics at the Cannabis Cup
* Predictions for 2000
* And much, much more.
   So fasten your seatbelts, and get ready to laugh and learn, be enlightened and entertained, and just plain be thankful to be sharing this goofy planet with a mind like Paul Krassner's.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 368 pages

Sex, Drugs & The Twinkie Murders
Price $19.95