Simply Soil

from the practical series

The Indoor Garden

by Gregory Irving

Simply Soil, also an easy to read step by step guide.
After a few mistakes "that didn't taste so bad" and quite some time, the author realised that he had just about got it right and made notes with instructions for other beginners. Friends inspired him to write his first book 'Hydroponics on Rockwool' because they liked the notes so much.
In 'Simply Soil' he has stuck to his mission to write fun and easy to read step-by-step guides. He uses simple diagrams and plenty of photos to illustrate the project and to show the results that readers will want to see.
With many colour photos and diagrams.


* Outdoor cannabis cultivation
* Late spring vegetative stage
* Early summer's sexual differentiation
* Bending a marijuana plant
* Pruning
* Cuttings and derived plants
* PH of soil and water
* Biosynthesis of key cannabinoids
* Outdoor flowering awaiting the Indian summer
* "NEUTRAL FIELD" cultivation: Guerrilla farming
* Indoor Cannabis cultivation: a square meter of joy
* Indoor vegetative stage, humidity, ventilation
* Sexing cannabis indoor
* Clones under fluorescent lamps
* Indoors flowering under sodium lamps
* Rejuvenation of an annual plant
* Harvesting and drying
* Curing your sinsemilla
* " SEA OF GREEN " technique
* Pests and fungi
* Pets and wild life
* Triple harvest technique
* Light output and intensity
* Do it yourself hashish by rotating sieve, water extractor and magic cylinder
* Security
* Conclusion
* Literature
* Internet links
* Appendix

96 pages


Simply Soil
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