A Handbook For Informers
by Jack Luger

   Every day in the USA, there are more laws and more law-breakers, and more people willing to pay cash to find law-breakers. Federal, state and local governments; business and citizen groups; private detectives and insurance agencies -- all pay quick cash for the right information.

   In fact, you can become a professional informer, developing information for a living, if you know how. The IRS pays out a percentage of taxes collected from tips. The DEA hands over money seized from drug dealers. And the federal government will pay up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for advance notice of an assassination attempt!

   In Snitch: A Handbook for Informers, Jack Luger tells you what information is valuable, how to gather it, and how to sell it. He shows you how to snitch and collect completely anonymously. He details how crooks negotiate their way out of prison sentences, how cops treat informers, and how to keep from being finked-out yourself.

   If you are looking for an unconventional way to make money, get Snitch: A Handbook for Informers. Because the dirt you dig up could be paydirt.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 149 pages

Price $16.95