by Mack Nasty
This is a no-holds-barred guide to dirty tricks, far more powerful and destructive than those found in "Harassment" and "Revenge" books. Milder techniques will do for certain annoying people, but sometimes they don't go far enough.
Let's say someone has caused you to lose your job, and that the consequences have been serious for you. Losing your job also had the effect of breaking up your family, or causing you to lose your home because you couldn't keep up mortgage payments. This calls for more than just a few dirty tricks for revenge, but there's no other way to get back at him. Assault, even if you beat the living daylights out of him, will only land you in deeper trouble. You need ways of hurting him back, ways that won't land you in jail or put you in a more difficult situation. Another case, but maybe one that hits closer to home, is the person you thought was your best friend, but whom you discover has been making it with your spouse. But, you want to do more to him than just divert his mail.
These situations call for strong tactics. You don't just want to cause your target some worry: you want to hurt his business or ruin his personal life. This goes beyond sending him some magazine subscriptions or placing his home for sale in the real estate classifieds. You don't just want to play games with his mind. You'd like to see him in jail, if possible, even if it's not for the crime he committed against you. You don't mind if he suffers physical pain and injury.
The techniques described in this book are heavy-duty. Some are designed to harm or maim your target, or frame him for a serious crime. Others will cause expensive property damage. Still others will cost him large amounts of money, directly or indirectly. Sold for informational purposes only.
1990, 51¦2 x 81¦2, 123 pp, soft cover.

Take No Prisoners
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