The Age Of Surveillance
by Tony Lesce
The hills have eyes... and so does just about every private and governmental security agency you can imagine! We live in an increasingly transparent world, where practically all of our movements and activities are monitored, and in his sometimes frightening They 're Watching You! The Age of Surveillance, author and security expert Tony Lesce reveals the technology and prevailing philosophy that make this state of affairs possible.
They 're Watching You! The Age of Surveillance contains sections on:
* Surveillance in Public * Private and Public Surveillance * Surveillance as Intimidation * Digging up Dirt * Commercial Motives * The Myth of "Security" Investigations * Tools and Techniques * The Internet * Protecting Yourself * The Future
Now, more than ever before in the evolution of the human race, the reality of ongoing, everyday surveillance is a factor that cautious citizens must take into account when planning their activities. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones... but they must learn to protect themselves from the massive invasion of privacy that has become a facet of modern life. You 're not paranoid if someone is actually out to obtain unauthorized information about you , and it's a matter of common knowledge that clandestine surveillance of the general population has become routine and ubiquitous.
What the indifferent observers know about you can be hurtful, so it's in your best interest to inform yourself of the extent of the incessant surveillance that is in place, and act accordingly! Read Tony Lesce's complacency-shattering book as soon as possible, and remember...
They 're Watching You!

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 136 pages

They're Watching You!
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